The 1963 Olympia SM7 mistake… but worth keeping

While I have some great finds… I’ve also made some mistakes that only “rookies” make.  This was one.  Just because someone says the font is “script” don’t make it so.  Just take a close look at the keys… no ribbon needed.  So After months on a shelf… I admit my error and type with pleasure.  (But I do Blame the 1961 SM7 for all this).

1963 Olympia SM7
1963 Olympia SM7



7 thoughts on “The 1963 Olympia SM7 mistake… but worth keeping”

  1. What a great purchase. One can never go wrong with an Olympia typewriter. Does your machine have a high pitch sound? I have the SM 3,4,5,9 but my #7 has a high pitch sound when typing. All other machines have a low sound when in use.

    1. Jose:
      Not that I notice. The Remington Standard 10 reminds me of “tap shoes”. I would also say that the Erika has a “thud” sound. I will pay more attention next time I use the Olympia.

  2. Mary:
    On mine I had to flip the typewriter over and on the bottom, at the rear is the serial number. If you look right behind the wheel that holds the carriage return ribbon.

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