2 thoughts on “The Gabriele 35… might not be the type I’m looking for…”

  1. I think the “taste” and “like” are multi-dimensional things when it comes to functional objects. It is quite rare when all the factors align together in a perfect harmony – and then you just know you’ve found a personal perfection (as it may not be perfect for others of course). Some of them excel just in one dimension – so greatly sometimes that you’re willing to look beyond the flaws in other fields. That is probably more common and you’re perfectly happy to keep those within a reaching distance. And there are those that you have warmer feelings toward in some of their attributes but not so warm in others. I’m starting to believe that they are better off to be released back to the wild to find someone that appreciates them more, someone for whom it ticks all the boxes. As I’m not in a financial and storage-space position to keep them all it is inevitable to see some of them go and keep only the ones that bring the smile on my face every time I use them. C’est la vie…

  2. Peter:
    Well said… but I’m going to keep the Gabriele for awhile… I like the font it has. And I may keep typing “for the love of the font”.

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