1954 Studio 44 makes my day…

To read a really good review on the Studio 44 check out I dream lo-tech from July 5, 2012 Olivetti Studio 44 meets its match. The blog comes from Chicago (where I grew-up) so perhaps there is a connection (but that would depend on the answer to the following questions? Ton S:  1) Cubs or Sox?  2) Who played Oliver O. Oliver on Bozo Circus?  3) Paddle-foot was a character on what cartoon? And last and not least: Name the “King of the United States”

Any one of a certain age will know these answers without a thought.  “Lets play two”…  If you you can’t answer you are younger than I am and if you call the Cubs… Cubbies… then much younger.

1954 Olivetti Studio 44
1954 Olivetti Studio 44


4 thoughts on “1954 Studio 44 makes my day…”

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention. Happy to hear my Studio 44 post was of some help to you, my mission is to spread Olivetti love. Your new Studio 44 looks awesome, congratulations. I’m sure you’ll give it the mileage it deserves. “It keeps improving each day…” was also my experience.


    1) Sox (although I’m not an avid football fan).
    2) Dunno
    3) Dunno
    4) MLK

    I’m not a natural-born Chicagoan, just a proud adopted one.

    TON S

  2. I’ve had success un-slugifying keys by dabbing the slots the typebars pass through (what the heck is that comb-like thing called?!) with a Q-tip dipped in a solvent like finger nail polish remover or lighter fluid. But then, loving use, like playing a violin, is certainly the best way to keep a typewriter in good tune.

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