Jumping the Shark… or just having fun?

There is that moment when a show runs out of fresh thoughts and ideals… they get desperate… they jump the shark!  Has typeoh! Reached the point when the only thing to consider is the consideration of thought is so desperate I can only think of “Happy Days?”… (NOT!!)

1956 Underwood Quiet Tab
1956 Underwood Quiet Tab

2 thoughts on “Jumping the Shark… or just having fun?”

  1. “Nerd” is a bit harsh, but I know what you mean. I saw a couple of 44s and thought about it and then saw they had finger-fit keys, not the older, plain round ones. Either way though, they are a sublimely built typewriter in my opinion. Tricky to fix if they need it, but absolute models of engineering beauty – and oh, yes, they type well too. Leave the esoteric stuff to the sharks, there’s plenty of fish in the sea!

  2. Rob:
    After the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” perspective on “nerds” seemed to soften… at least around where I am. I played in the “Band”… “Read lots of books” so I could relate. Each time I use my Studio 44… my appreciation of it goes up and up. Now I own two… and when it arrives I will not really care what year it was made only how well it types.

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