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Oct 112013

received yesterday a LC Smith No. 3 that’s its owner (Joe) wanted to arrived safely to me… even if it cost more to ship than I paid (at his expense). The typewriter passed on to me… carried with it memories of people… kindness given and received.  More than a machine… bought… a gift to treasure.

1921 LC Smith Bros. No 3

1921 LC Smith Bros. No 3



  8 Responses to “A 1921 LC Smith Standard #3… with memories & meanings!”

  1. Wow!

  2. I’m glad this typewriter found you. I feel its in the right place now. Thank you for honoring its meaning and history.


  3. You are a curator of memories, gee. I’m proud that you treasure the memories and the mechanical tokens that carry them. You are an excellent host for these remembrances (:

  4. That’s a beautiful story Gee.

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