$2.25 Remington 24 (1972) Packed with 4 paper napkins.

Sometimes you get what you paid for and you get more than you expected.  Perhaps the $2.25 dollar price was less than the seller was expecting… so they packed it based on worth.  4 paper napkins.  I feel great gratitude to the USPS for the delivery of this machine in a manner that allowed it to arrive in a still working condition.  Any poor handling at all and this machine would have been in pieces… and not functional in any way.  Great JOB U.S. Post Office. Thank you!! to all those who took care with this package that was not even marked fragile… it arrived working (what more could anyone ask).

1972 Sperry Rand Remington Model 24 (Made in Italy)
1972 Sperry Rand Remington Model 24 (Made in Italy)


10 thoughts on “$2.25 Remington 24 (1972) Packed with 4 paper napkins.”

  1. I didn’t know that later Remingtons were manufactured here in Italy. I’m curious to know if it’s one of that models that were labeled under different brands to be sold in different countries.
    Anyway, its typeface has some unique looking numerals!

    1. Davide:
      According to the book: “Century of the Typewriter by Wildfred A. Beeching (copyright 1974)” …Owing to the highcost of production,… they (Remington) now make their standard machine in Italy and Holland and distribute it throughout the world… (page 155-156).

  2. Good find. It’s interesting to see this machine — from the final wave of manual standard machines. I look forward to your further impressions about it and hope you can get it fixed up to your liking! -Will Davis

  3. That’s about the worst packaging imaginable! The quality of the cardboard isn’t even good. But I’m glad that you got lucky. The typewriter looks impressive. You know, the farther away I get from the ’70s, the more I can appreciate ’70s design … kinda. 🙂

  4. I have two of these, one I purchase and the other a gift. Remington made these so heavy and my 1958 Super-Riter with metal casing is not that heavy. Its not a bad machine but I like the KMC & Super-Riter more. I wonder what was the 4 napkins for? Enjoy your machine.

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