12mph Bowling ball…

Went bowling… the facility tracks the speed of your bowling ball (guess I spent my years at older alley’s)… I found myself watching the speed results more than the score.  Instead of being concerned about the lane conditions and placement of the ball; I kept thinking (can I get it up to 20!)… then I threw my arm out.  I can see how this added information can be helpful… I just bowled for 50 years without knowing it.  The screen animations also showed suggested placements of the ball to pick-up spares… and people seem to be bringing more balls to select from.  I recall when I moved up to two (dry lanes/wet lane) and considered a ball just for spares (which would bring my total up to four) and stopped… having a great score every game just did not mean that much to me…  I decided I could be happy with my two balls.

1971 Smith Corona Super G
1971 Smith Corona Super G

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  1. Heh, I’d hate to think of how slow I roll. my throws tend to come out as a twisted back-leftwise spin that causes the ball to spin *against* forward momentum (so the ball actually spins towards me while it skids down the lane). Thus it slows down as it travels, and about 5 feet from the pins it takes a sharp right as the spin dies out and the ball finally grips the boards instead of skidding against them.

    Dunno why it works, but it does. I figure the ball might be going maybe 5-7mph by the time it hits the pins, and I never get that “explosion” of pins. Ahh well. At least it doesn’t jack up my wrist the way that throwing normally does. 😀

    1. T. Munk
      Where I am at the old lane was torn down in 06… last year a new bowling center was built and I thought I would get back into bowling. As much as I missed the game… one’s time gets filled with other things. I’ve alway’s enjoyed the sport… bowling balls last forever (every year I bowl at least one game with my father’s ball that I learned to bowl with and its older than I am). And truth be told I bowled with a 28 year old (ball) and my newer one is 15.

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