Getting real… or close to it.

There was a commercial… “Is it real or is it memorex?” Which did not bother me so much… when you knew that the person on the recording could really sing.  That group “Milli Vanilli” (singing duo that won a Grammy in 1990 for best album… only thing they did not sing on it).

What’s real anymore? In the news a man claimed to work for the CIA… claimed to be a veteran and for over a decade pulled it off. Worked a 4 day week. Claimed to travel overseas only to be in Massachusetts. Traveled 1st class and got a special parking space for a bad back (service related) when he was never in the military.

Not to mention the investment folks that did not invest anything.

They were able to achieve this because of one word “Trust”.

We want to believe in people and believe in what they do and what they say.

At the end of the day one could become cynical and not trust anyone… or one can still believe in things we can not see (Faith).

So despite the evidence that much is not as it seems to be… I will keep letting folks think I’m a cranky curmudgeon  and trust anyway.

2013 Visual Typewriter
2013 Visual Typewriter

One thought on “Getting real… or close to it.”

  1. Reminds me of a Funny story I pass on from time to time I tell it like this.” In USMC Boot camp in 1970. I sat in an Orientation Lecture and was told to be on Guard. The VIETNAMESE Government and its PEOPLE were MASTERS at PROPAGANDA ! I never new what the word MEANT until Years later. Let’s just say I KNOW NOW. ” KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ” I read that Quote everyday as I walked through the doors of my High School TTHS. I have Never Forgotten IT. I STAND by Faith!Folks will be Folks!


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