5 thoughts on “My Uncle “G””

  1. What a positive post. I like it that your uncle made a point of keeping in touch with those he cared about. It is so easy to forget to do that. Just the little bit of letter writing I’ve been doing between my kids and grandkids has made a big difference in our relationships, bringing us closer to each other than does the occasional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, important and fine as they are.

    1. Tony:
      Thank you Tony. It was just “second nature” in fact two of his brother’s owned houses next door to one another and a third brother owned a home less than 6 miles away.

  2. Hey Gee,
    We are Blessed to be a part of the Stokes Hatchett Family. The Dependable, Loyal, Kind and Caring gene is in us.Uncle Garfield’s Passing has giving us yet another blessing, an opportunity to Reflect and Grow.I know all of our life’s Journey’s differ,that’s what makes each of us individually Special.Just for the record, I remember when My Mother,your Aunt Martha Passed, you traveled home to be with our Family and I will never forget that you cared! It’s in your DNA.

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