6 thoughts on “Royal One (1910) Types better than she looks…”

  1. Nice review. The quality of these machines makes it clear how Royal was able to push into the market with this $65 machine. I’ve always been fond of them, and wondered why they didn’t have a bigger following among modern collectors. They’re different!

    1. Jose:
      I believe these machines go in a cycle… at first you don’t see them or the price is too much then can see a lot of them with low prices and no bidders. 18 months ago the prices I saw on the Royal 1 & 5 were often twice what I see now… and did not look that good.

  2. It’s a beauty! Yours looks way better than mine. But it was manufactured a couple of years later, so that might explain why yours does have decals. Too bad you are missing the original spools though.

    1. Spiderwebz:
      Well one can not have everything… the spools that were on the typewriter did not seat properly and as a result did not spin (looked much better… but I lean toward function over apperance). I am very happy with this Royal One…

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