4 thoughts on “400th Post (1909 Ideal)”

  1. Congratulations on this landmark.

    Your typecasts definitely have the “Gee look”!

    I saw Miles Davis at the University of Chicago about 1987. Cool music, but 90% of the time his back was turned to the audience.

  2. I enjoy your posts, and am impressed by the longevity of your blog. It’s good to know a limitless reading potential provided by past blogs from before my awareness is available. But I’m spooked by your “Traffic Feed” doohicky, having formerly dwelt in the comfort zone of believing our geography was somehow cloaked behind inscrutable DNS stuff. Now I have to depend on poor Allan down at the gate to head off, or at least give me a head’s up, when the mob carrying pitchforks and torches arrives if I happen to utter something unkind about, say, the Hermes 3000. Perhaps if I keep on hand baskets of colorful typewriter ribbons to pass out …

  3. Tony:
    Glad to have your comments. I clicked on your name (link) which took me to your blog… very good and interesting… great images and I wish I had named one of my typewriters like you did: “Kermit, the green Royalite”… Take care.

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