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Sep 082013

Odd but in many ways the typewriter has expanded my entry into the digital world.  Websites… blogs… translation… scanners… Photoshop… badges… widgets… themes… links and more.

1961 Olympia Portable

1961 Olympia Portable

  4 Responses to “With a typewriter… the digital world is more accessable.”

  1. Well said. I can’t believe the ’61 Olympia SM you just showed was produced on the same planet as my recent 1961 Imperial 66. Maybe the designers of portables had to try harder!

  2. Rob:
    Thanks… I took a lot at your 61 Imperial and it has its own charm.

  3. What a nice tribute to the typosphere and its paradoxical effects.

  4. Richard:
    Good to be nice.

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