Gabriele Adler 35… no she’s 34 (1979)

Who would have thought I would run across a Triumph-Adler GABRIELE 35  (that’s what the T-A stamped on her rear stands for) this side of the Ocean.  Since her front was uncovered (the Adler name strip missing) she looked like a lost soul of little value.  Not sure when she arrived in America…  but she has a new life with Typeoh.

Triumph-Adler Gabriele 35 (1979)
Triumph-Adler Gabriele 35 (1979)



3 thoughts on “Gabriele Adler 35… no she’s 34 (1979)”

  1. Kate:
    A recent check on E-Bay showed prices of $83.00 to $150.00 with the $83.00 being (best offer – meaning the owner would sell for less).

    Checking the old listing three Gabriele 35’s sold for $9.99, $19.37 & $25.25 and they all looked to be in good working condition.

    These are fine typewriters but not one that collectors fight over. They are not rare and a simple check shows that many sell for less than $30.00 (I paid $20.00 for the one shown above).

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