1962 Olympia SG-1… $14.95

Although the manual is for a SG-1N… with expedient touch marks for the blind… .  I had to close my eyes to notice that the Q, Z  and opposite end keys have a rough surface… (I guess for correct starting position)… and slight bumps next to the ribbon control and touch adjuster.

The Big One.
The Big One.

5 thoughts on “1962 Olympia SG-1… $14.95”

  1. That is one of the few standard size machines I have actvely sought. And look, you got one for a song AND it is intact with its paper support. I’ll bet there’s an ingenious storage solution on the way. Custom-built shelves, maybe?

  2. Heh, I satisfy my occasional craving for SG1 action by going down to MTE and typing on Bill’s big green monster. If you want to know the one machine a third generation typewriter repair guy keeps bolted to his office desk, there you are: Olympia SG-1 😀

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