A 2nd Citizen Columbia XL is found…

When I saw this on-line and did some research… I was shocked to see it was a rare item…  according to Machines of Loving Grace only one was known to exist under the Columbia XL name… this one came with its manual.

A rare 1970's Citizen Columbia XL
A rare 1970’s Citizen Columbia XL




6 thoughts on “A 2nd Citizen Columbia XL is found…”

  1. Your reference to the Machines of Loving Grace site is actually my archived page on Citizen, I’d bet. I’ve seen maybe four or five of these over the years. One was bright yellow; mine is bright orange. The actual manufacturer of the machine itself was Konryu Corporation, Japan, who made a similar (but not identical) machine sold through other channels. Nice find! – Will Davis.

  2. Will:
    I believe it is your archived page… with the orange Citizen.

    Thank you very much for all the useful; helpful; informative and interesting things I find regarding typewriters on pages that have your name associated with them.

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