My most viewed posts…

I visited my stats page and find I have two posts with over 100 views.  12 12 12 (109 views)  and 3 Centuries of Type with (103) and coming in third with the best title so far: “The Empire Types Back” with 96 views.  I was going to turn the green type another color but stayed with it after all.

1951 Empire Aristocrat typed my third most viewed post.
1951 Empire Aristocrat typed my third most viewed post.

4 thoughts on “My most viewed posts…”

  1. Love the ribbon spool and green ribbon on your Aristocrat.

    You should give us links to your favorite posts—we probably aren’t avoiding them on purpose, ya know ..

  2. Richard:

    It keeps me honest to see what people pick and view. Besides… over time they may move up the stats list.

  3. I pay very little attention to my stats anymore. Maybe look at them once every few months. My most popular posts are still the Lettera 32 manual, the Hermes 3000 manual and the analysis I did of the Typewriters of Naked Lunch. All very early posts, and have dominated my stats monotonously for three years. 😀

  4. T. Munk:
    I’m sure in another year I will not be looking at my stats much… but I’m still a newbie at this and can’t resist.

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