Each day of type… is a different typing day.

No two days behind the keyboard feels the same.  No groundhog day effect for me.  Of course I have lots of typewriters.  Still when I return to a machine things change.  The keys may be less stiff.  The carriage return may flow smoother.  Or things that once worked great will now skip and stick and groan.  Perhaps this is why they appeal to me… each day is a new experience.

1956 Underwood Quiet Tab... quietly adding more type to the page... year after year.
1956 Underwood Quiet Tab… quietly adding more type to the page… year after year.

2 thoughts on “Each day of type… is a different typing day.”

  1. That’s one seriously sprung saddle. I remember the joys of breaking in a B17 on my first racing bike – and weeping when the saddle was stolen, along with the bike. You are making me want to get out on my bike more.

  2. Rob:
    I worry more about my saddle being stolen than my bike. I cover it with something ugly on the bike ride across Iowa. Gee!

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