6 thoughts on “$7.21 1959 Smith-Corona Pacemaker”

  1. Now that’s a bargain! I bet after cleaning, lube, tweaking, and use it will be a very good typewriter. (I like Scrubbing Bubbles for cleaning gray elephants like this.) Speaking of elephants, I am sure that’s not ivory, it’s got to be plastic.

    I wonder why these big postwar Smith-Coronas are relatively uncommon. Their business switched over heavily to portables.

  2. Considering the much higher profit margin on the portables than the standards, and also considering that Smith-Corona began to achieve the status of ‘conglomerate’ in the 60’s, I’d bet that there was a de-emphasizing on the standard typewriters. Heck, the SCM Corporation even owned Durkee Foods and Glidden Paints at one time! LOTS of things more profitable overall than standard typewriters. But that’s just a guess.

    We do still have that machine which is the highest known Smith-Corona standard machine serial number ever found, even above the remaining official serial numbers (as obtained by Jay Respler.) We’ll have to get an analysis of that machine on the site soon…. in fact, I just moved that machine the other day.

      1. Sam:
        As you can see I got this one for $7.21. Any working typewriter will have a value to someone. This is not a typewriter that people seek out to collect… so I would not put a high value on it. Nor would I try to guess.

  3. Richard:
    On closer look it is a high quality plastic… the surface reminded me of a cube ball from a pool table.

  4. Will:
    For its size and weight… this is a very basic machine. I’m sure it was mid-range office machine. Gerald

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