300th Post

My first post felt special.  My 50th made me giddy.  I sought out a 100 year old typewriter to mark my 100th post but was sent a 85 year old one by mistake.  The 200th was full of images. Now I reach 300 and  this blog is both more than I ever expected and less than I had hoped. The reality is wonderful… the dream just fades like a pleasant memory.  No regrets for what is…  more words are waiting to reach paper…  Thank you everyone for your time.  You have filled my time and life with insight…. support and kindness.  66 more to go then who knows.


1935 LC Smith & Corona No 8...
1935 LC Smith & Corona No 8…

2 thoughts on “300th Post”

  1. Congratulations! It’s nice to see the ever-increasing interest in typewriters in many corners – but it’s also nice to see the sustained output of enthusiasts at their sites. Well done. -Will Davis

  2. Thank you very much Will. You have helped make a day that was full of delight that much brighter.

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