I have an Ideal (1909)

I wasn’t even looking for this typewriter.  I was searching for information on Olympia Model 8 and came across this.  The pictures looked old… beat up… but I email about the spacer working… it did.  It does.  I never expected it to be working this well fresh off the delivery truck after a month in transit.  Carpenter’s pencil for a space bar… plastic spool as a second spool… it works it spins… it types… the keys are so clean… with a little effort this will be my prize.  Joy of Joys.

I was going to wait until I had worked on this… but it worked so well I could not wait to show it off.

This is Ideal for 104 years of age.
This is Ideal for 104 years of age.

8 thoughts on “I have an Ideal (1909)”

  1. So now you’re buying from German eBay! Welcome to the Obsessed Typewriter Nut Club. 🙂

    The carpenter’s pencil is a brilliant idea. The machine really types great!

    How do you like its unique shifting action?

  2. Richard:
    Just getting use to it… everything seems wonderful. I should never have bought books on typewriters… I would have been ignorant of the Ideal.

  3. Congratulations! This looks like a nice example to clean up. I’d bet you’ll have a replacement space bar fabricated in no time.. although I like the utility of your part as it is! I’ve thought that the Ideal represents quite an outlier in the realm of “How would someone design a visible typewriter,” and just for that it’s fascinating. The appearance given the machine just makes it all that much more fun.

  4. Well… Scott I’m glad you waited. I am so very happy with this typewriter. I took a big risk but it just looked so lovely… I was shocked by how well it typed.

  5. Will:
    This is a different animal as far as typewriters go. The final result I just find amazing.
    It has style/quality/durability…

    It’s great.

  6. Rob:
    Truth be told… the gold lettering on the side is why I wanted it in the first place. That it types so well was a bonus.

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