I bought the ribbon…

I wanted a phrase to show I’m into typewriters…. “drank the Kool-Aid” seemed to extreme.  I’m not so absorbed that I live and think typewriters… but I can see my self five to ten years from now still owning and using them.  So I thought… I bought the ribbon might as well use it.

The 1960 Visomatic (RC Allen) keeps me typing.
The 1960 Visomatic (RC Allen) keeps me typing.

2 thoughts on “I bought the ribbon…”

  1. That Visomatic is one of the best machines around. I have a couple very similar R.C. Allen machines, and they’re exceedingly fast and light. Nice to see another one get some time on another site. -Will Davis

  2. Will.. thank you for stopping by. I agree. This is one of my favorites… it is a pleasure to use. One special machine that I was just lucky to stumble upon.

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