My “Brother” the “Wizard” (typewriter 1964)

The purple ribbon comes from The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe!; they also have Green, Red and Pink.  I will be trying out the green soon.  I thought at first I could live without ever typing on a Brother typewriter.   Some thing like never needing to drive a VW Bug…  Things change.  It would be too easy to call this typewriter “Harry” so I’ll just call him: “OZ”.

The yellow brick road took me to a 1964 Wizard.
The yellow brick road took me to a 1964 Wizard.


4 thoughts on “My “Brother” the “Wizard” (typewriter 1964)”

  1. I’ve been rather enamoured with Brother machines lately myself. They are very well designed and friendly machines to type on. The more of them I find, the more I like them.

  2. T. Munk…. Brother is a brand name that I grew-up with…yet it did not inspire me to try its product. I felt that they were the McDonalds of typewriters… I wanted something with more class.

    Forgetting I eat at McDonalds all the time. I like them. I like the Wizard.

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