Mind Games: A look at Lumosity.com

Improving the way we think by playing games.  Mind-training.  Why not… our brains are mental muscles that need exercise to strive.  When I came across an article about a company called Lumosity I thought I would give it a try (as have 35 million others) and over time its like going to the gym (you feel better)… so why not keep going.  Note:  The fifth area is Memory… not Attention twice.  Memory is my lowest score.

How smart can I be... I used a 1909 Remington Standard 10 to create this post.
How smart can I be… I used a 1909 Remington Standard 10 to create this post.

4 thoughts on “Mind Games: A look at Lumosity.com”

  1. So I’ve just gotten through my first days training on this. Pretty interesting. So, let me ask you: you’ve signed up for the full version? How much does this differ from the version you get to play for free, and is it worth the cost? Seems really neat!

  2. Ken:
    The free and the full differ only in that the free is just the entry level game… as you move up they get more complex and of course a larger selection of games comes into play. Worth the cost? At first I was not so sure… but like exercise you do not see or feel any results right away. But after several hundred games played… I noticed that I played some games better and I liked looking at the charts of my ups and downs. Its not money wasted…

  3. Richard:
    I will say that before I took up typing and I spent time away from the mind training my scores went down fast. With typing I don’t lose grown after several weeks of not playing the games. I would say that typing has helped maintain what ever gains Lumosity provided.

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