The Royal 5 Standard (1913) still has a light touch.

When you grow up in the modern age with computer keyboards, electric typewriters… its easy to overlook just how advanced a typewriter the Royal 5 was for its time and place.  Until I read up on typewriters and had experience with other 100 year old typewriters… I did not appreciate just how light a touch the Royal 5 had.  When the light bulb in my head went on… I was really amazed by the machine.  What I take for granted today… was a true marvel for its time.

Still light on the fingers... easy touch keys the 1913 Royal 5.
Still light on the fingers… easy touch keys the 1913 Royal 5.

4 thoughts on “The Royal 5 Standard (1913) still has a light touch.”

  1. Richard:
    Been trying… the easy to find adjustment screws only lift upward… w the entire carriage needs to go down… at the rest position the carriage does not touch these screws… so even if I lower the screws they have no effect since the carriage does not contact. If I raise the screws to lift upward the keys no longer give a complete strike.


  2. Hmm, sounds tricky. I haven’t done this adjustment so I can’t help. Sometimes it takes quite a while to find the spot where a mechanism is being blocked.

  3. Richard:
    I believe you are correct that it is a “blocking issue” I took the bell off because there is a screw that adjusts the final stop of the carriage… I was trying to get to this screw to turn it down until I realized that the carriage stops just a fraction before hitting the stop. The carriage is not resting in its full down position. Something is preventing it… once fully down then I can use the adjustments screws to move things up… to their correct placement. I found one place that brought the carriage down… but it also locked it…

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