7 thoughts on “$17.00 Hermes 8 Standard (Goodwill deal)”

  1. I’ve been in most Goodwill stores near where I live several times over the last few months, and have yet to see a single typewriter in any of them. Thank goodness for shopgoodwill.com, where about 75% of my collection has come from, including the Royal HH and Skyriter that arrived yesterday. Maybe one of these days I’ll run across something worth having in a local store so I won’t have to pay shipping for once. As for this Hermes 8, your post and the pictures make me want to add this one to my wish list.

  2. Bart:
    Shopgoodwill.com is great. Every typewriter I’ve bought through them has been well packed the shipping low and regardless of the condition of the machine itself… worthwhile.

  3. I’ve had very good luck with their shipping with the exception of the Royal HH that arrived Monday. It was packed in a paper towel box with nothing but packing peanuts for padding. I’m fortunate that it arrived apparently unharmed, though I did spend at least 30 minutes cleaning out the peanuts that had inhabited every corner of the typewriter. The charges are reasonable though (except for typewriters listed by the Rochester NY location), and I much prefer shopgoodwill.com over eBay. It amazes me how many typewriters on eBay have starting bids over $100, and pictures that seem to imply the typewriter in question is either non-functional and/or a biohazard. I recently saw an Olympia SG1 there with a BIN price of $1000.

  4. What a great Goodwill find, especially for the price! I visited a semi-local Goodwill this past weekend, and they had only one typewriter: a Sears Constellation that was missing the space bar. That was rather strange, as the Sears Constellation I have (that I picked out of a scrap heap) is ALSO missing the space bar. Ha!

    Congrats on the fantastic find. I love how light these GIANT Hermes Standards are, don’t you?

  5. Ken:
    I had a hard time believing it was as light as it is. I expected another 10 lbs and I never thought it would be under 30.

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