4 thoughts on “Visomatic… (type as visual creations)”

  1. Michael:
    Thinking had little to do with it… I was sitting behind the keyboard… I keep a dictionary near by and I looked up the word “vis”… the rest is history.


  2. Nice looking Visomatic you’ve got. I’ve also got a script one (with green protective coating on the front). Maybe the script ones got less use than the regular ones, which usually look grungy.


    Anyway: I have a theory about “Visomatic.” The automatic part is the Magic Margin-like margin setting mechanism. The viso part is the fact that the location of the margin stops is easily visible (unlike on Royals). It’s a good system!

  3. Richard:
    Thanks for the info… I would never have thought of viso relating to the margin stops. Sounds logical.

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