American History Month

Some like to limit this month by referring to it as “Black History Month” I like to think of it as “American History with color”.  My Grandmother was born on Valentine Day, and she will always be my Valentine.  Almost thirty years ago I was applying for a new job and was looking for my birth certificate… my Grandmother asked me what I was looking for?  I told her and she became very upset and worried.  Her fear that if my future employer were to see my birth certificate I would not get hired… because they would know I was “Colored”.  In the world she grew up in this was a true concern…  today only talent will keep someone out of baseball.

We should celebrate the remarkable advancement in a single lifetime that allows talent and skill to reach its full potential without first having to escape the limitations and fictions of skin tone expectations.

Typed on a 1951 Underwood typewriter with black ink on white paper... colors that work well together.
Typed on a 1951 Underwood typewriter with black ink on white paper… colors that work well together.

Also cropped from this picture was the 3rd U.S. Cavalry… John W. Heard, Regimental Quartermaster, was awarded the Medal of Honor as well.

After a closer look at these pictures one can see they are different images…. The Flag is in a different angle and Col. Roosevelt has his hat on in one and off in another.   And no one is directly in front of him.  First impression and close examination often tell different stories.  This one just did.   GEE

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