Looking at six: Reliance, Woodstock, Remington, Underwood & Royal 5 & 10

When I was in high school a friend of mine bought a brand new 1970’s something Ford Pinto… he opened the hood and explained to me just how little he thought of the components that made up his car.  But it was brand new.  I was driving a decade old (plus some) Thunderbird and loving it.  Another friend had a 64 Mustang that he considered a hand-me-down and really wanted a Firebird.   A 57 Chevy was something your Grandparents owned …   A VW “Thing” was cool… Gremlins were interesting… Bugs were everywhere and the only truly important thing was to drive… anything that moved… was better than the bus or walking.

Time places it own take on the value of a car made 40 years ago. Looking back on typewriters made 90 years ago… I start to think would I buy a fully featured used typewriter or a brand new low-priced one. Where I live someone owns a 1970’s Ford Pinto (not me) and another a Yellow 1959 Caddy… guess which one draws a crowd?   Nothing wrong with that Pinto.  Noting wrong with a Reliance… either (which for some reason I keep wanting to call Reliant).

Six typewriters from the early years...
Six typewriters from the early years…




4 thoughts on “Looking at six: Reliance, Woodstock, Remington, Underwood & Royal 5 & 10”

  1. Interesting comparisons. One plus for the Reliance (and all Pittsburgs and name variants) is an interchangeable keyboard … but I guess that wasn’t a bit selling point.

  2. Among standards, I think I still like the Underwood 5. I dont have much experience with the big desktops, just writing a few lines mostly.
    Ive typed on a royal 10 and it was nice but I didnt like its hulk mass and its inner flaps. I have a remington seventeen but it isnt operational. Same with my olivetti lexikon 80… gotta get those 2 fixed up so I can evaluate if they are keepers. If one of them goes then I might acquire another desktop, maybe the U5 or other underwood

    1. Michael:
      As time goes by… I find that I have the least attachment to my Remington’s. Not sure why… they are fine machines. But if I had to cut back to my final keepers… the Remington’s would be among the first to go.

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