4 thoughts on “4 Royals…”

  1. Mike: To misquote Will Rogers… I’ve never met a typewriter I didn’t like. I never expected to own so many Royals. The Royal 10 came to me by mistake. The KMM was so cheap I couldn’t pass it up. Once I had them… I had to keep them (forever). GEE!

  2. I got into collecting typewriters just after Thanksgiving last year, when I found my Mom’s old 1948 Smith-Corona Clipper in the attic and got it working. I heard about how nice Royals were, and got a cheap Arrow off shopgoodwill.com. Unfortunately, it was worthless – it had escapement issues, the platen was hard as a rock, paper wouldn’t advance straight, etc. I swore off Royals altogether, until a KMG showed up there that was local, so I took a chance and bid on it. I’m glad I did – it’s now one of my favorite typewriters. I even picked up another one locally for $5 to provide a parts source in case something breaks, and got an FP locally also from shopgoodwill.com that’s become my favorite typewriter of all 14 I now have. My KMG is from 1951 and looks it, and my FP is from 1958 and looks barely used. I’m still not sure about the portables based on my experience with the Arrow, but I’m certainly a fan of the KMG and FP.

  3. Bart:
    Glad to hear from you. 14 typewriters… they have a way of adding up. I love the office size machines… but over time have become fond of many portables… I am amazed by the old style 3-banks like the Corona 3 and the Underwood which force me to change my thinking to use the fig key properly… something I thought would be simple but its a great change of pace. Every machine will have its issues… but this for me is part of the fun and joys of typewriter use.

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