121 Posts late…the Royal 5 (1913)

I had my mind set on typing my 100th post on a century old typewriter.  It was not meant to be… but when I approached my 200th posts the thoughts ran through my head.

Then I saw a Royal 5 on Ebay.  The price was higher than I wanted to pay… but then I thought what if I offered what I was willing to pay for my 100th post (actually a little less) and wonders of wonders my offer was accepted.  It will be interesting to note the difference between this typed page and my 300th post after I’ve had time to clean things up a bit.

Best of all to all..


Took a while but I have my Royal 5 flatbed... (1913)
Took a while but I have my Royal 5 flatbed… (1913)

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