6 thoughts on “3 of a Kind (Corona 3, Underwood 3-Bank, Tom Thumb)”

  1. Scott K: Just remember the Tom Thumb is just a toy… the Underwood is great to look at… and takes full size ribbon spools… a wonderful machine.

  2. never understood why they fastened so many old machines to their cases. I have a cheapy Remington Envoy that goes from “small and cute” to “indecently cumbersome” just because of its attachment to the case.

    1. Dingdingdingdingding!

      Security, plus it makes a good base when typing on a train or plane or something. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

      I don’t mind the bases, but I definitely remove them for display.

  3. Rock Harris:
    Thank you for pointing out what seems obvious once you mentioned it. It makes it possible to use on your lap or on a surface like grass or dirt that otherwise would clog up the machine.

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