First let me say that it did not occur to me to take pictures while I had the base removed from the Underwood.  It was early in the morning and I was amazed at the amount of dust that was inside of the machine (enough to make a mouse very happy).  I was in a state of panic when I discovered that my first efforts to correct problems made things worse.  

     One good thing about buying from a charity is that the people who profit from the sale deserve to. I have no feelings of being ripped off… (it was a donated item… duh!) the price was cheap… the machine functions… looks good and in time I will learn enough to fix it or have it fixed.  So it is win-win.  (Gerald)

1923 Underwood 3-Bank

1923 Underwood 3-Bank

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  1. Richard P says:

    These are great little typewriters but I’ve never dug into one.

  2. gee says:

    Richard: I agree this is a great typewriter. It’s like a person with a limp… in time they get where they are going and this typewriter gets the page full… just takes a little more time and effort.

  3. Spiderwebz says:

    Very nice font. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

  4. gee says:

    Thank you for your time and for reading… I appreciate both very much.

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