A new look for Type Oh!

I thought I would add some images to my website… the first is me way back when next to a Underwood that entered this world the same year as I did in 1956.

My 1928 Royal 10  that arrived by mistake (I had ordered a Royal 5) … decided to keep it.

My Corona 3 that came to me painted yellow… but by dumb luck the paint was easy to remove… to reveal its true colors and worth.

A 1960 RC Allen that types in script… one of these geewiz wonders that cost more to ship than purchase and worth it.

Last of all me on my first bike.

Just me and some of my typewriters.

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4 thoughts on “A new look for Type Oh!”

  1. I have a old underwood that i found in my father inlaw basement not in greet looking conditions, trying to fine out how i can fine some one who may be intereted in or should i just trash it.

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