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Jan 082013
Notes found with my 1620 FACIT Typewriter

Notes found with my 1620 FACIT Typewriter

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  1. Odd….. I could have sworn I posted a response here. And on yesterdays.

    • Scott K:

      You did… but for some reason it is not showing on my web-site but is showing on my admin screen… I will copy over to the web page.


      • that’s indeed weird. It seems to show up on your page, then dissapear. Not that it is anything of value, but I did find it odd that it was going….

        • Scott:

          It is has great value for me. I hope to discover what is causing this and fix it. Please continue to comment.


  2. From Scott K on FACIT FACTS (1972) #

    Scott K: wrote:

    Facit-nating! I wish I could have a Facit… I actually won one in an Ebay auction. Buuuuuuut….. (tragic story coming …

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