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March 2012

Post #1:      Hello World… welcome to Type Oh!   Posted  on 31 March 2012.

Post #2      Getting Started… Thoughts on why I started this blog.   Posted on 31 March 2012.

April 2012

Post #3:      Happy Birthday  My mother’s birthday and its meaning to me.  Posted 1 April 2012.

Post #4:      SX-100 Underwood:  The typewriter I learned to type on.   Belonged to my father. Posted 2 April 2012.

Post #5:     Waiting for take off:  Heavy snow fall… plane stuck on the ground… random thoughts.   Posted 3 April 2012.

Post #6:     1981 Chicago Jazz Festival  Images I took include: Joe Williams, Count Basie & Freddie Green. Posted 5 April 2012.

Post #7:       April 5, 2012 Birthday Greetings  A Birthday shout-out to my older brother.   Posted April 6, 2012

Post #8:     Missey  About my mother’s pet dog.  Posted April 6, 2012

Post #9:     Lincoln Highway Images taken along the historic Lincoln Highway ( Portions known as Route 30).  Posted April 7, 2012

Post #10     Route 30  Images taken along Highway Route 30 AKA The Lincoln Highway.    Posted April 7, 2012

Post #11     Tree in Rock  Buford, Wy along I 80 is a tree that had stood the test of time.  Posted April 8, 2012

Post #12     Having Fun  The joys of typeing and the hope that everyone finds something to smile about.  Posted April 8.

Post #13     Pumkin at 60  Thoughts of a brother I never met but who I will never forget. Posted April 8, 2012.

Post #14     Perspectives and the value of change  Images of sunsets & thoughts on perspectives.  Posted April 10.

Post #15     Notes on friendships What is a friend? Much like a feather I think.  Posted April 11, 2012.

Post #16     Tree Stumps Images of tree stumps and what they could be instead.  Posted April 12, 2012.

Post #17     I Love Trees As the saying goes: “Only God can make a tree…”  Posted April 13, 2012

Post #18    Ray Charles at the 1983 Chicago Jazz Festival:  Thoughts of the great one live in concert.  Posted April 14.

Post #19      Blue Ashtray with bumps  A gift from an Aunt to a child… kept for 5 decades.  Posted April 15, 2012.

Post #20     In the fall of 96 From a open letter written in l996: “…riding through the forest in fall is like experiencing 1,000 sunsets.  Each tree is covered by colors of sunrises to come…”  Posted April 16, 2012.

Post #21     Lincoln Thoughts  Quotes of Abraham Lincoln.  Posted April 18, 2012

Post #22      Stairs are fun taking the stairs for fun and sport.  Posted April 19, 2012.

Post #23    The return of the “Ugly” Underwood  I located and bought the model typewriter I first learned to type on.  Like the return of an old friend.  It’s wonderful.  Posted April 20, 2012.

Post #24     16,036 miles on a bicycle  Thoughts what it means to ride a bicycle.  Posted April 21, 2012.

Post #25     Claud Butler Bicycle  Why I ordered a bicycle from England.  Posted April 22, 2012.

Post #26     Breezer Liberty  Notes on my favorite bike to own.  Posted April 23, 2012.

Post #27     30 Days of typing  Thoughts on my first 30 days blogging.  Posted April 24, 2012.

Post #28     Old Typewriter better than new  Why I sent back a 2011 typewriter and kept a l951 model.  April 25th.

Post #29     Register’s 25th bike ride across Iowa  Reflections on RAGBRAI.  Posted April 26, 2012.

Post #30     Simple Things  Simple things… simple thoughts are enough.  Posted April 27, 2012.

Post #31     Good Morning Everyone …I smile because the new day may look the same to other’s but for me always it is never the same.  Posted April 28, 2012.

Post #32     Carhenge  Stonehenge made with old cars (Alliance, Nebraska).  Posted April 30, 2012.

Post #33     Worlds Largest Tea Pot  Junction of Route 2 and U.S. Route 30.  Chester, West VA.  Posted April 30, 2012.

May 2012

Post #34     TypeWriter Thoughts   Reflections on owning a typewriter.  Posted May 1, 2012.

Post #35     As the song saids: What a wonderful world  Birds still fly… bugs still buzz… grasshoppers hop and lighting bugs still light up the night… Posted May 2, 2012.

Post #36     A list of joys  My list of joys.  Posted May 3, 2012.

Post #37     The right choice  It’s a great feeling when you make the right choice or decision… even if things do not work out in the long run you never regret making the choice.  Posted May 4, 2012.

Post #38     Starfish  I like thinking of each day as a starfish on a beach… and each positive thing you do is a starfish tossed back to the sea.  Posted May 5, 2012.

Post #39     Maine  Some images and thoughts of Maine.  Posted May 6, 2012.

Post #40  JCP the Golden Rule Store  JC Penney since 1902.  Posted May 7, 2012.

Post #41     Lincoln Highway Markers  Travel along Lincoln Highway.  Posted May 9, 2012.

Post #42     Improving the day  A warm hello… a mellow tone… laughter in the rain… Posted May 10, 2012.

Post #43      Thoughts of the day  Thoughts while sick with the flu.  Posted May 12, 2012.

Post #44     Mother’s Day  Today is mother’s day… and of course it takes a father to have a mother… Posted May 13th.

Post #45     Oregon Trail  Images and thoughts along the Oregon trail.  Posted May 15, 2012.

Post #46    Lincoln Cents  Over time I exchanged the old penney’s I collected from my father’s car with pristine one’s that coin collectors value.  Over time I learned that the coins from that car had a much greater value tha money.  Posted May 16, 2012.

Post #47     On the road again  After the flu… on my bicycle again.  Posted May 19, 2012.

Post #48     Lincoln Comments  Lincoln on character.  Posted May 21, 2012.

Post #49     Town Signs  Town Signs are fun and interesting.  Posted May 22, 2012.

Post #50     Mt. Everest  …that’s life… what is worth the effort for some… is just a mystery to others.  Posted May 25th.

Post #51      Thoughts on Father’s Day  …what more can a son ask for than a father who “did good”  Posted May 27th.

Post #52     Black Earth, Iowa  The day I rode my bike thru the town of Black Earth.  Posted May 28, 2012.

Post #53     Newspaper  The day my paper cancelled home delivery.  Posted May 29, 2012.

Post #54     The Little Prince a book review.  Posted May 31, 2012.

June 2012

Post #55     Revisiting Johathan Livingston Seagull   Book review posted June 3, 2012.

Post #56     Looking Back  It’s an odd feeling to reach an age that I can look back on and know what my parents were like at that point in their life.  Posted June 4, 2012.

Post #57     366 Posts  My goal is to write a “leap year of posts” that 366 items before I decide if I should continue with this blog.  The number of post is better than saying in a year’s time.  Posted June 6, 2012.

Post #58     Happy thoughts  May peace be within you like snow on a field… as the sun settles down to sleep.  Allow the beauty of wonder be the most important thought of the day…. Posted June 12, 2012.

Post #59     Father’s Day  Images of “great father’s” who were part of my life.  Posted June 17, 2012.

Post #60    Fabulous 65th Birthday Bash  Celebration of many who turned 65 this year.  Posted June 26, 2012.

Post #61     Bicycle Tires  Thoughts on bicycle tires.  Posted June 30, 2012.

July 2012 Posts

Post #62     909  The amount of training miles I have so far in preperation for bicycle ride across Iowa Posted July 1st.

Post #63     Junk Calls    Phone calls from non-humans.  July 4, 2012.

Post #64     Words Another day another dollar… make my day… it was a dark and storming night… Posted July 8th.

Post #65     1,000 miles  Completion of 1,000 training miles on my bicycle for the year.  Posted July 9, 2012.

Post #66     Zombie Hunting Permit Iowa Zombie Hunting Permit to put on my bike.  Posted July 14, 2012.

Post #67     2012 Bike Ride Part I Thoughts.  Posted July 30, 2012.

Post #68     2012 Bike Ride Part II  Thoughts.  Posted July 31, 2012.

August 2012 Posts

Post #69     2012 Bike Ride Part III Thoughts.  Posted August 1, 2012.

Post #70     Final Thoughts 2012 Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.  Posted August 4, 2012.

Post #71     Nice Thoughts  People remember kindness… not alway’s the name of those who were kind.   Posted Aug 5th.

Post #72     Grain of sand    …to strive to be better is like picking up a grain of sand… it will take a long time before you efforts become noticed… Posted August 10, 2012.

Post #73    National Parks  Thoughts concerning our nations parks.  Posted August 12, 2012.

Post #74    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore   Images.  Posted August 13, 2012.

Post #75    Yellowstone     Image and comment.  Posted August 18, 2012.

Post #76     75 Posts     Comments on reaching 75 posts on my blog.  Posted August 18, 2012.

Post #77     Just a ride…  Book Review.  Posted August 20, 2012.

Post #78     Milestone Moments  The most amazing thing is that I doubt a chipmuck care… Posted August 25, 2012.

Post #79     Just a Sunset When the wind is faint… Like an ember’s last fading flow… the moment one’s eyes close and sleep rises like the tide with waves of dreams… each day ends this way… the sunsets… Posted Aug 27, 2012.

Post #80     Medals   My father’s WWII medals.  Posted August 30, 2012.

September 2012

Post #81    Force of Nature  My father’s mother.  Posted September 1, 2012.

Post #82    September  The picture my father kepted in his wallet.  Posted September 2, 2012.

Post #83    Nice Thoughts on my mother’s mother.  Posted September 3, 2012.

Post #84    On the farm  Thoughts on my mother’s father.   Posted Septembe 4, 2012.

Post #85    R.H.  Thoughts on my father’s father.  Posted September 4, 2012.

Post #86    Wisdom Tooth  Tooth removal.  Posted September 5, 2012.

Post #87    SPAM  I don’t like.  Posted September 8, 2012.

Post #88    GoodDay  Typewriting.  Posted September 9, 2012.

Post #89    1929 Royal Portable  Cost $60.00 in l929.  Posted September 10, 2012.

Post #90    9 11 2012  Thoughts regarding 9/11.  Posted September 11, 2012.

Post #91    Olympia  Thoughs concerning my l960’s olympia typewriter.  Posted September 12, 2012

Post #92    Flights of the Black Butterfly  …its been awhile but I will see if there are a few more flights left in me. Posted September 14, 2012.

Post #93    What a bargin    Buying a l935 L.C. Smith Typewriter.  Posted September 15, 2012.

Post #94    Typing On  …the mind is a muscle and as they say in the gym “no pain… no gain…” New mental growth occurs with the same price of big abs… Posted September l6, 2012.

Post #95  Two into one  Creating one good typewriters…. from two typewriters with issues.  Posted September 18th.

Post #96    Typewriters are good for you  Posted September 18, 2012.

Post #97   Remi Scout  79 year old child’s typewriter.  Posted September 20, 2012.

Post #98    Being Funny  When I told jokes.  Posted September 21, 2012.

Post #99    Detour  Visiting the Auburn Cord Dusenberg Museum.  Posted September 22, 2012.

Post #100  100th Post   Posted September 23, 2012.

September 2012

Post #101  Recieved by mistake… Royal 10  Bought one typewriter and recieved another.  Posted September 24, 2012.

Post #102  Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve   All  about the l970’s Galaxie 12.  Posted September 25, 2012.

Post #103   Question Marks are over rated  Key that does not work on the Galaxie 12 Posted September 26, 2012.

Post #104    Remembering Mike Royko  Posted September 27, 2012.

Post #105   Two Coins in a Typewriter  A 26 cent re-pair on a Woodstock Typewriter.  Posted September 28, 2012.

Post #106   Review: Madeline L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time”    Posted September 29, 2012.

Post #107   Typewriter’s … better than barbells   Better health through lifting typewriters.  Posted September 30th.

October Posts

Post #108   Type Lifting… 70 lbs  Weighing typewriters for fun and health.  Posted October 1, 2012

Post #109   Old Trains  Posted October 3, 2012.

Post #110   Musical Aptitude… D minus  Saxophone playing.  Posted October 4, 2012.

Post #111   Reflections of a Saxophone Player  Posted October 5, 2012.

Post #112   Buffalo Hunting in OK  Images of buffalo statues.  Posted October 6, 2012.

Post #113   R A K – Random Acts of Kindness .  Posted October 7, 2012.

Post #114   A RAGBRAI Moment .  A special moment on the bike ride across Iowa.  Posted October 8, 2012.

Post #115   Hope!    …It is my wish… my hope… my expectation that something brought a moment of unexpected joy to you this day… if not today… then tomorrow…. Posted October 9, 2012.

Post #116   After a snowfall  In the early day after a snow fall… the world ca appear so quiet… so peaceful and still… Posted October 11, 2012.

Post #117   In a heart beat   …a good heart will share… Posted October 12, 2012.

Post #118  Since l898 Worksman bikes… my ride for 2013.  New York City Bicycle manufacturer… custom built bike.  Posted October 13, 2012.

Post #119   Change… allows you to keep going  How I bowled a 300 game.  Posted October 14, 2012.

Post #120   Electra Courier Bicycle 895 miles  About my Electra bicycle.  Posted Oct 15, 2012.

Post #121   Sometimes   Sometimes, I will watch a feather fall ad think of eagles against the setting sun.  Posted October l6, 2012.

Post #122   Armstrong… Livestrong… Memories  Still supporting cancer research… Posted October 17, 2012.

Post #123  Random thoughts on honesty  Posted October 18, 2012.

Post #124   Keeping the Royal 10 (1928)  Posted October 19, 2012.

Post #125  Woodstock typewriters are fun  Posted October 20, 2012.

Post #126  7 months ago I bought a typewriter  Reflections on what it means to type-write.  Posted 21 October 21st.

Post #127   Don’t mess with the muppets.  Post October 22, 2012.

Post #128   When the sunrises…  Each day is new… in the footrace of life… kindness will win the day.  Posted 23 Oct.

Post #129  1909 Remington Standard No. 10  Thoughts & Images of new (103 year old) typewriter Posted 26 Oct 2012.

Post #130  10 Fingers Typing  Remington 10 inspires happy Fat Waller thoughts.  “This things sumpin”  Post 27 Oct 12.

Post #131  Sounds like tap dancing  Remington 10 reminds me of tap dancing & old jokes  Posted 28 Oct 2012.

Post #132  Rebirth of a Hermes Featherweight  l937, 6 lb typewriter… reborn… Posted 28 Oct 2012.

Post #133   Strike me with a hot key…  The 1909 wants to be typed on… keeps singing to  me…  Posted Oct 28, 2012.

Post #134   No stars out tonight   Reflections concerning the absence of stars to look at.  Posted Oct 29, 2012.

Post #135   Joke of the day  Just some jokes I use to tell.  Posted Oct 30, 2012.

November 2012 Posts

Post #136    Still waits for “The Great Pumpkin”  Still watching Charlie Brown after 46 years.  Posted Nov 2, 2012.

Post #137    Ride a bike and see things new  Every day has the chance of being different… if you see.  Posted Nov 3, 12

Post #138   Letter to myself   Just thought I would write myself a letter.  Posted November 4, 2012.

Post #139    It just is… and it is nice  Thoughts on feeling at peace… it is nice.  Post November 5, 2012.

Post #140  Typing Blind on 1897 Remington No. 6  Posted Nov 6, 2012.

Post #141   115 years ago  Thoughts on a Remington No. 6 Standard from 1897  Posted Nov 7, 2012.

Post #142   1960 RC Allen Typewriter  Posted Nov 8, 2012.

Post #143    Bicycle Logic  What price/return on investment typecasting?  Priceless!  Posted Nov 9, 2012.

Post #144   Lesson learned from a 1959 Hermes 2000  Posted 10 November 2012.

Post #145   Green Keys of Hermes  The keys… the song… and young eyes.  Posted November 11, 2012.

Post #146   Word Play  It is fun to use words… to play with meanings and sounds and the images they create. 12 Nov 12.

Post #147   I blame the Olympia SM7  The reason I own so many typewriters and write this blog.  Posted 13 Nov 12.

Post #148   Lost in cyberspace  Being off line hurts.  Posted 14, NOV 12.

Post #149   Back home…  My return to the typoshere is noted.  Posted 15, Nov 2012.

Post #150   Typewriters and People  each different needing a different approach for sucess.  Posted 16 Nov. 2012

Post #151   What I learned today.   Thoughts and reflections of my grandmother.  Posted November 17, 2012

Post #152   Summer 2013   Time to start thinking about RAGBRAI 41…  Posted Novemeber 18, 2012.

Post #153   Part II: Reflections of a Saxophone Player.  Posted November 19, 2012.

Post #154   $4.99 Sears Tower made by Smith-Corona and by any name… sweet.  Posted November 20, 2012.

Post #155   I love to type  Just enjoying working on a manual typewriter.  Posted November 21, 2012.

Post #156  On Thanksgiving  2012  I give thanks for all and everything.  Posted November 22, 2012.

Post #157   Four years ago.  Thoughts on when the first person of color was elected U.S. President  Nov  23,2012.

Post #158    Views from a 1937 Hermes Baby… or why vampires like mistakes.  Posted Nov. 24, 2012

Post #159   Patterns & Growth  Trying new things… discover patterns and blind spots.  Posted Nov 25, 2012.

Post #160   Groovin to AM Radio  Back when AM radio was king… I would listen to WLS/WGN  Posted Nov 26,2012.

Post #161    Free…Paid…Radio  The price you pay to get free radio.  Posted Nov 27, 2012.

Post #162    103 years of value.  Thoughts on time and limitiations of life.  Posted Nov 28, 2012.

Post #163     Visomatic Change of Pace   Trying something different.  Posted November29, 2012.

Post #164   If  black was blue and red  Anotherview  red and blue states.  Posted  November30, 2012.

December 2012

Post#165   Magic in a 1946 Royal KMM   Even with issues… its great to type on.  Posted  Dec 1, 2012

Post #166  Out of Print   Thoughts on my book: “Reflections of an Oreo Cookie” 1991.  Posted Dec. 1, 2012.

Post #167   When a Woodstock calls.  Thoughts of my brother at 40.   Posted Dec 3,2012.

Post #168   Creature Comforts   Little things that Ican live with out but choose not to.  Posted Dec 5,2012.

Post #169  For the love of type  To write just for fun.  Posted Dec 6, 2012.

Post #170   This time of year   Its christmas time and good will and cheer are here.  Posted Dec 8, 2012.

Post #171   The day I heard Cootie Williams Play  (Summer 1974)  Posted December 9, 2012.

Post #172   Good Neighbors   Remembering my neighbors with thanks.  Posted December 10, 2012.

Post #173  Sears Been Good to me   $4.99 typewriter.  Sears Tower.  Posted December 10, 2012.

Post #174   Just some lite typeing   Swiss stuff… Hermes Featherweight.  Posted December 11, 2012.

Post #175   12 12 12  The best gift I ever gave to my father was a joke.  Posted December 12, 2012.

Post #176  I like the night light  Images of yellow cab night light.  Posted December 13, 2012.

Post #177   Freedom for a Hermes 3000  Freeing up a typewriter for use.  Posted December 14, 2012.

Post #178   Worksman Urban Cruiser  Thoughts on first 151 miles ridden on Worksman bike.  Posted December 15, 2012

Post #179   Urban Art Street Signs. Silhouettes (McAlester, OK)  Posted December 16, 2012.

Post #180   Letter Addition   Word Play…word meaning and hopes.  Posted December 16, 2012.

Post #181    To err is human  More word play… adding more letters together.  Posted December 16, 2012.

Post #182  Tom Thumb  Toy typewriter.  Posted December 18, 2012.

Post #183   Three Centuries of Type  Typing with my 1897 – 2005 typewriters.   Posted December 2012.

Post #184  Time Passes  For my  father.  Posted December 20, 2012.

Post #185   Say Hey!  Thoughts on Western movies and the power of saying Hey!  Posted Dec. 22, 2012.

Post #186  Value is in our hearts…  Thoughts about what we care for and why.  Posted Dec. 23, 2012.

Post #187   Best wishes to all…  Holiday greeting.  Posted December 24, 2012.

Post #188  Without a typewriter  Why buying a typewriter causes me to need a new computer.  Posted Dec 26, 2012

Post #189   Day after xmas… 2012 with thoughts on Windows 8 computer.  Posted December 27, 2012.

Post #190   Another week of timekeeping  Why I will keep my Grandfather clock ticking another week.  Posted December 28, 2012. (Things Change)

Post #191   “Big Miracle”   Movie review of the whale rescue from 1988.  Posted December 30, 2012.

Post #192   End of 2012 Start of 2013  Posted Dec 31, 2012.

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